Bent glass

Bent Glasses:
Intoduction:Bent glasses are among tempered glasses bent during thermal treatment. Bent glass could be of tempered and or semi-tempered could be also simple, colored,reflex and or low-E.
The production process,functional properties and technical specifications of these kinds of glass is very similar to tempered glasses, therefore,it is very important to observe technical points for producing it.
Making an accurate bending without damaging to the glasss surface and or its coatings is a very delicate process requiring state of art technologies and extended know-how.
All common workshop methods of heating the glass and bending it by preliminary and manual tools may make waves on the surface of the glass and removing its protective coatings and will expose the glass to the fracture due to phenomenon called Glass Suicide in long term.
Façade of the building. *
Fences. *
 Coating of elevator walls.*