Laminate Glasses and their Advantages

Laminate Glasses and their Advantages:
During  recent years, due to various advantages of laminate glasses , the usage of this kind of glasses has been considerably increased.Safety ,beauty , security and calm could meet only a part of customers,  needs and all such protections could be provided collectively in laminate glass.
Laminate glass and its more advanced type, security laminate glass is produced during a long and complicated process in which two of a few glasses that could be simple , colored, coated, Low-E and or printed combined with one or a few p.v. B Talc layer with different thicknesses and produced by the effect of pressure and temperature in integrated form albeit with combined properties of types of glasses.
The most important property of laminate glasses include capability of P.V.B talc for keeping the glass in the frame after its fracture, it is such that when laminate glass is broken , adhesiveness between glass and talc prevents boring in the surface of the glass and or preventing the fall of broken pieces of glass.Ability of talk for preventing the bore in the surface of the glass depends on the thickness of the talc. The thicker the talc,the higher its strength is.
These glasses known as anti- earthquake, wind and storm-resistant and anti- theft glasses.These glasses are very good acoustic insulators.This is because of P. V. B talc in the structure of these glasses. This talc comes with damping property weakening the acoustic waves.
In order for hncreasing the strength and safety of laminate glass such as higher resistant against wind, impact and thermal shocks, tempered and semi-tempered glass could be used in the structure of this glass.
One of the most important advantages of these glasses include reflecting up to 99% of UV ray in the sunlight . This ray influences on the pigments and causing paling the carpet, curtain and furniture,… This kind of glass in used in museums, galleries and carpet stores.