Double-Glazed windows

Double-glazed windows is a set comprising from two or a few glasses including a spacer filled with moisture absorbents as well as single or double sealing . Besides providing safety and calm for us, double-glazed windows will also provide us with possibility of considerable rnergy saving by time. These glasses reduce energy consumption up to 45 to 50% regular glasses.
Besides energy saving , insulating glasses are very effective for protecting the carpets and cloths in the house against burnout and wear by absorbing important part of UV light.
Together with injecting additional gas like argon and or SF6, this kind of glass considerably imporves the acoustic and insulation properties. Stressing on higher security, we could replace one of these glasses with a laminate and or tempered glass.There is very extended variety for assembling such kind of doors ad windows.
Argon is usually being used in bulbs.This is a colorless, non- toxic and inflammable gas filling the distance between two glasses, because the thermal conduction of this inert gas is less than the atmosphere, therefore it reduces heat loss and increases the energy saving.
Advantages for using Double-Glazed Windows and Doors
 Up to 45% energy consumption*
 Acoustic insulation minimum 30 db*
 Preventing the entrance of water, noise and dudt into the house*
Higher variety in the color and thickness. *